Rustic Pedestal Dining Table

Rustic Pedestal Dining Table

This wonderful pedestal table design shows off all the rustic characteristics of our reclaimed wood. Designed with a central pedestal box support, that is solid and heavy to support the table, it does away with legs, posts and beams to declutter the ends of the table. Allowing maximum seating space and a sense that the table is almost floating in the center of the room.


The table top is made using 35mm thick reclaimed timber and has a rim around the underneath making the table top appear twice as thick, which creates that rustic look, sanded down just enough to freshen up the timber whilst leaving all the marks and aging renowned in reclaimed timber furniture.


Our standard width of table is 3ft/88cm (may vary slightly due to the nature of reclaimed timber) and standard height is 75cm to the top of the table. 


Dont be fooled, many places offer the same look, but not many actualy source the reclaimed timber and actually use brand new timber and make it look artificially rustic.


Each item is unique. Please note the items are the same design using similar timber and the rustic marks in the bed and the colour which can be seen on the photo can vary on each item.

The pedastal comes fully made and the top is removable


Please contact us with an customization needs. All items are made to order to allow all our furniture to be customized to suit.

    £249.00 Regular Price
    £199.00Sale Price