Middle Beam

Middle Beam

Please add this to your basket if you wish to add a middle beam to your bed. Please note, middle beams are included with superking beds already. Other beds do not require a middle beam, as they come with full width sltas, however if you are worried about weight and the little ones jumping on your bed, then add a middle beam jsut to be extra safe.


If you wish for extra strength, we also have the option to add double the amount of slats too. 


Please head over to the double slats product on the beds section of the website, to add this product to your basket if you are wanting those.

  • Middle Beam

    A middle beam that attaches to the head board and foot board of the bed, running down the mdidle, to give extra support to the slats.

    The beam is roughly 200cm long, 4cm thick and 6cm wide.


    It has 2 support feet attached to spread the weight to the ground, these usualy hover above the ground slightly to provide some flex to the slats.