Rustic Farm House Bed Frame | Low Foot Board

Rustic Farm House Bed Frame | Low Foot Board

Here is our more traditional style bed frame, The Farmhouse with the Low Foot board. With its headboard at 100cm and foot board at 43cm as standard this bed really oozes rustic, posing the slatted design of vertical planks in the head board.


 The low foot board allows for a spacious feel at the end of the bed, and also alows a place to sit, or feet to dangle off the end when streching out in comfort.


In the Clear/Natural finish this bed can fit in any room decor, and with the darker colours really lending themselves to well to a traditional cottage/farm house feel.


This bed is extremely solid in construction and comes with extremely sturdy Slats. We use 4cm x 6cm slats to ensure no breakages, you can also upgrade to double slats at request for an extra £50 if you want to feel super safe about letting the little ones jump on your bed.


This stunning chunky rustic bed frame is hand crafted to order using our sustainably sourced Reclaimed Timber materials, which creates that rustic look, sanded down just enough to freshen up the timber whilst leaving all the marks and aging renowned in reclaimed timber furniture. The frame is made with 35mm thick and 220mm wide reclaimed planks, The posts are made from reclaimed 4x3 timber.


Wanting chunkier posts? let us know and you can upgrade to 4x4 for £50 or 5x5 for £80 if you wish.


Dont be fooled, many places offer the same look, but not many actualy source the reclaimed timber and actually use brand new timber and make it look old.


Each item is unique. Please note the items are the same design using similar timber and the rustic marks in the bed and the colour which can be seen on the photo can vary on each item.

Mattress Space Measurements: 

Super King - 180x200cm

King - 150x200cm

Double - 140x190cm

Small Double - 122x190cm

Single - 90x190cm

Small Single - 76x190cm


External Measurements:

Super King - 195x214cm

King - 165x214cm

Double - 155x204cm

Small Double - 137x204cm

Single - 105x204cm

Small Sinlge - 91x204cm

The bed comes with the head and footboard fully made up, with the sides seperate and the slats wrapped together. 


Assembly Instructions: For the standard 22cm gap, rest the sides of the bed on the supplied pilot blocks at the top and the bottom and screw the attached brackets into the head and base. They arrange the slats and screw them onto the runners on the inside of the sides.For custom sizes, blocks will be provided to rest the sides onto.

Please contact us with an customization needs. All items are made to order to allow all our furniture to be customized to suit.

  • Standard Measurements

    ​​External measurements:

    Super King Size - W 195 cm | L 214 cm

    King Size - W 165 cm | L 214 cm

    Double - W 155 cm | L 204 cm

    Single - W 105 cm | L 204 cm

    Mattress Space:

    Super King Size - W 180 cm | L 200 cm

    King Size - W 150 cm | L 200 cm

    Double - W 140 cm | L 190 cm

    Single - W 90 cm | L 190 cm

    Gap Under the Sides: 15 cm

    Head Board Height: 100 cm

    Foot Board Heights:

    High Foot Board: 80 cm

    Low Foot Board: 43 cm


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  • Colour Chart

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