Underbed Storage Boxers

Underbed Storage Boxers

For extra Storage these are perfect. Choose your size to suit you. 



Single Box - Single Box made at 75x75cm or 70x70cm

Option 1 - A pair of Boxers like in the photos. 2 Boxers that sit side by side leaving enough gap for bedside tables so you dont have to move them to pull the boxers out

Option 2 - 2 X Option 1. Therefore having 2 boxers each side of the bed. 

Option 3 - 1 Box that has the same width as 2 boxers together like option 1. Therefore having one big box on one side of the bed with room for your bedside table. 

Option 4 - 2 X Option 3. Therefore having a bog box each side of the bed. 


Different style beds have different height boxers

Farmhouse and Full Panel Style - The boxers come standard at 17cm. This means that the gap under your bed would be raised to 18.5cm tall. 

Boern Style - The boxers come standard at 20cm tall. 


Casters change the height:

When adding casters to your boxers, it either reduces the height of the boxers by 3.5cm, or raised the gap under the bed by 3.5cm. The options are shown in the drop down menu.



Super Kings and Kings:

Option 1 and 2 - The boxers are made at 75x75cm. 

Option 3 and 4 - The boxers are made at 150x75cm.



Option 1 and 2 - The boxers are made at 70x70cm

Option 3 and 4 - The boxers are made at 140x70cm


For other sizes, please get intouch. 


Each item is unique. Please note the items are the same design using similar timber and the rustic marks in the bed and the colour which can be seen on the photo can vary on each item.


Each standard set is 1M wide and 50cm deep. Height depends on the amount of tiers:

2 Tier - 52.5cm

3 Tier - 75cm

4 Tier - 97.5cm

5 Tier - 120cm


Each chest of drawers comes fully made up

Please contact us with an customization needs. All items are made to order to allow all our furniture to be customized to suit.

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